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Magic Words at Work : Powerful Phrases to Help You Conquer the Working World

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ISBN: 0767914414
Business loves buzz words, and now this lucrative category has a captivating new source for workplace wisdom. Featuring fifty-plus entries, Magic Words at Work captures the perfect turn of phrase for every office situation, including: • Raising Your Voice Is Better Than Raising Your Hand: Don’t spend your life asking for permission and waiting to be called on • The Red Light Is On: Learn the secret to working without interruption • Make Like a Prairie Dog: When management is in flux, stay low to the ground • Lead Between the Lines: Find a solution, then make it fit the rules • Low Overhead Equals High Independence: Living debt-free keeps your options wide open Having survived and thrived in the competitive media industry, Alexandra Penney and Howard Kaminsky have the working-world wisdom to devise the kinds of strategies that have made How to Become CEO and Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman such huge successes....
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