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Logistical Management: The Integrated Supply Chain Process

Автор: Donald J. Bowersox, David J. Closs, The McGraw-Hill Companies
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ISBN: 0070068836
Written by a well-renowned author team, this undergraduate text is intended for the required course for all logistics, transportation, and material management majors, as well as for the logistic elective course for marketing majors. This book is an updated, broadened version of a classic text last published in 1986 and now uses a systems integration of physical distribution, manufacturing support, and procurement for a viewpoint of total logistics management. The book presents a comprehensive descriptionof contemporary logistical practice as it currently exists within the private and public sectors. It also presents a conceptual approach to integration that illustrates how the discipline is likely to change in the future. In-depth treatment of more advanced topics, such as strategic alliances, materials management integration, inventory, information technology, and location analysis, make the text useful for secondary coursework. Comprehensive case material and problems supplement the...
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