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Learning from the World's Best Central Bankers: Principles and Policies for Subduing Inflation

Автор: George M. Von Furstenberg, Michael K. Ulan
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ISBN: 0792383036
Central bankers play a prominent role in many societies; a few of them even become oracles or celebrities. Yet they are not paid much heed -- commonly accorded little respect -- as educators and intellectual leaders. This volume hopes to change that. Forthe world's best central bankers, portrayed here, teach and lead impressively, doing so with insight, courage, quality, and conviction. They are commendable role models for those with high aspirations. The growing reputation of central bankers suggests that there is much to be learned from examining the ways in which they practice their profession. So the authors proceeded to ask what are arguably the world's seven best central bankers, from various countries throughout the world, for documentation on what they considered to be their finest achievements and how they went about gaining support for policies designed to maintain price stability. They obtained excellent cooperation from John Crow of Canada, Roberto Zahler of Chile, Alan...
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