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Learning Adobe Photoshop Elements 2

Автор: David Reeser
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ISBN: 1930727534
Learning Adobe Photoshop Elements 2 is a movie-based workshop developed for beginning Photoshop Elements users. It is directed toward helping users of digital cameras and scanners to learn the basics of the tools and features of Adobe Photoshop Elements 2. Using simple step-by-step exercises, you will learn the fundamentals of correcting photos, retouching photos, making a photo collage, making a panorama composition, coloring artwork and much more. Discover some of the unique creative possibilities thatthe tools of this powerful yet easy-to-use program can bring to your photographs. Topics covered include: ? Scanning Images ? Frames from Digital Video ? Correcting Contrast ? Correcting Color ? SharpeningYour Photo ? Removing Redeye ? Removing Unwanted Areas ? Making a Composite Photo ? Photomerge Composition ? Collage with Layers ? Text with Effects and Styles ?...
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