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Learn Visio 2000 for the Advanced User

Автор: Ralph Grabowski
Год: [не указано]
Издание: [не указанo]
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ISBN: 1556227116
For users of: Visio 2000 Standard Edition Visio 2000 Technical Edition Visio 2000 Professional Edition Visio 2000 Enterprise Edition With more than three million users worldwide, Visio is one of the most successful business graphics software packages on the market. Visio?s intuitive drag-and-drop approach allows beginners to create drawings such as diagrams, charts, and schematics. For advanced users, Visio contains powerful tools for enhanced productivity. Ralph Grabowski?slatest title primarily emphasizes the customization features found in Visio, which enable the user to adapt the software to particular functions. Among these features are masters and styles, stencils and templates, and the ShapeSheet. Step-by-step tutorials guide you through these customization techniques. Technically reviewed by Judy Lemke at Visio Corp.
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