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Leading Under Pressure: Maximize Your Health While Building Your Wealth

Автор: Gabriela Cora
Год: 2008
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 124
ISBN: 0976664518
If you feel like the professional juggler, multi-tasking and wishing for three extra pairs of hands, a new brain or if you are plotting to order a couple of clones of yourself, this book is meant for you. Millions around the world are thinking, planning, and scheming how to stretch a 24 hour-day into an endless and productive working day, an endless loop of useful time. Leading Under Pressure summarizes the many challenges executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, and road-warriors face in the current fast-paced corporate craze, where exceptional expectations in productivity and performance are the norm. These executives face the daily quandary of finding new ways to thrive in order to achieve higher goals, with increased competition, progressively limited resources, and the same manpower. Leading Under Pressure represents many hours of work as a wellness coach, corporate consultant, and medical doctor, incorporating lessons learned from the bench to the bedside to the workplace!
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