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Latino-grafico: Visual Culture from Latin America

Автор: TwoPoints.Net
Год: 2010
Страниц: 224
ISBN: 389955311, 389955311X, 389955311X
From Mexico to Patagonia, Latin America is bursting with creativity. As economiesin this region have prospered over the last few years, the demand for workby local creative talent has grown with them. In this context, an aspiring generationof Latin American designers and artists has been evolving and refiningits own visual language. latino-grafico presents a colorful selection of graphicdesign, illustration, and typography that examines the fresh look of today s LatinAmerican design.Whether critical or glorifying, all of the work collected in this book reflects trulymixed societies. From African folk art to Christian symbolism and imported NorthAmerican lifestyle, latino-grafico examines the diverse influences that shape thisoften chaotic design culture and make it one of the most dynamic in the worldtoday. The included DVD with moving images and a foreword by longtime MTV creativedirector and native Chilean Christian Jofre make it a comprehensive compendiumof this region s design.
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