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John Adams: His Life and Times

Автор: John Adams
Год: 2010
Издание: Forgotten Books
Страниц: 378
ISBN: 1440054819, 9781440054815
John adams chapter i youth in the first charter of the colony of Massa,chusetts Bay, granted by Charles L and dated March 4, 1629, the name of Thomas Adams appears as one of the grantees. But he never crossed the Atlantic, and Henry Adams, possibly thongh not certainly his younger brother. first bore the name on this side of the water. In 1636 this Henry was one of the grantees of sundry parcels of land at Mount Wollaston, soon afterward made the town of Braintree, in which neighborhood descendants from him have continued to have dwellings and to own axtensi ve tracts of land to the present day. The John Adams with whom we have to do was of the fourth generation in descent from'lienry, and was born at Braintree, October 19, 1735. His father was also named John Adams; his mother was Susanna Boylston, daughter of Peter Boylston, of the neighboring town of Brookline.
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