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Jedburgh Justice and Kentish Fire: The Origins of English in Ten Phrases and Expressions

Автор: Paul Anthony Jones
Год: 2014
Издание: Constable
Страниц: 304
ISBN: 9781472113894
From Paul Anthony Jones, author of Haggard Hawks and Paltry Poltroons, this is a fascinating guide to the origins and histories of 500 phrases and expressions, divided into fifty absorbing lists of ten - from 10 Phrases Derived From Places In London (like a "Kent Street ejectment") to 10 Latin Phrases Used In English (like "nunc est bibendum"); from 10 Shakespearean Expressions (like "gild the lily") to 10 Phrases Taken From Comics and Cartoons (like "keeping up with the Joneses"); and from 10 Phrases Taken From Songs (like "the birds and the bees") to 10 Ways of Saying "Wow" (like "great Scott!"). Here you ll find the story of how a flock of geese saved a city, how an apple started an argument, where the first Gotham City was, and why the tale of an unlucky saddler proves you should never turn down the offer of a drink. There's also a terrifically funny joke about a robbery gone wrong, and a terrifically bad joke about a chimpanzee and a parrot all waiting to be uncovered.
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