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J. S. Bach. 2 Sonaten fur Violine und Basso Continuo

Автор: J. S. Bach
Год: 1973
Издание: Editio Musica Budapest
Страниц: 40
ISBN: [не указан]
"The manuscript of Johann Sebastian Bach's "Sonata per il Violino e Cembalo" in G major (BWV 1021), discovered in 1928, is the only source of the work. It was regarded originally as the autograph. The most recent Bach research has proved, however, that it must be considered as a copy made by Anna Magdalena Bach, whose handwriting is very similar to that of Johann Sebastian. Bach's authorship was never in doubt. The Sonata in E minor for "Violino col Basso del Sign. Bach" (BWV 1023) also is only available in a copy. The appearance of the composer's name on the title page of the manuscript, and stylistic criticism, have eradicated every doubt as to Bach's authorship. Our score prints the violin and continuo parts in Urtext. Obvious mistakes in the source have been tacitly corrected. The editor's additions, corresponding to the "lost natural art" of the continuo era, are seen only in the violin and 'cello parts. The proposed articulations in the 'cello part can be adopted by...
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