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It's Showtime! Butterfield Speaks on the Power of Persuasion

Автор: Richard Butterfield
Год: 2008
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 138
ISBN: 0615157858
It's Showtime! Butterfield Speaks on the Power of Persuasion is a complete how-to guide to creating presentations that combine compelling substance and dazzling style - sure to become a must-have playbook for executives and professionals who understand that effective communication is the key to success. The book is divided into three major sections. Part I, Accessing the Power of Persuasion Within, covers the personal preparation necessary before you can either craft an effective message or communicate it successfully. This includes getting in touch with your professional passion and making sure you have the right attitude, developing the listening skills you need to know and connect with your audience and get across what's in it for them and clarifying your vision so you can share it with others Part II, Discovering and Developing Your Message, is a guide to creating clear, compelling messages. Part II covers risks and opportunities, assessing the event or occasion, your objectives,...
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