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iPhone and iPad Apps Marketing: Secrets to Selling Your iPhone and iPad Apps

Автор: Jeffrey Hughes
Год: 2010
Издание: Que
Страниц: 312
ISBN: 9780789748331, 0789748339
The Easy, Complete, Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Your iPhone/iPad Apps! There are huge profits to be made in selling iPhone and iPad apps! But with more than 180,000 + apps now available, just getting your app into the App Store is no longer enough. You need to market it effectively. Don’t know much about marketing? Don’t worry: This book gives you all the tools you’ll need. Top iPhone and iPad apps marketing consultant Jeffrey Hughes walks you through building a winning marketing plan, positioning highly competitive apps, choosing your message, building buzz, and connecting with people who’ll actually buy your app. With plenty of examples and screen shots, this book makes iPhone and iPad apps marketing easy! You’ll Learn How To: Identify your app’s unique value, target audience, and total message; Understand the App Store’s dynamics and choose the right strategy to cut through clutter; Set the right price for your app; Get App Store...
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