Программирование графики (OpenGL, C++, DirectX...)

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Introduction to Computer Game Programming With DirectX 8.0

Автор: Ian Parberry, Ian, Ph.D. Parberry
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ISBN: 1556228104
Introduction to Computer Game Programming with DirectX 8.0 provides beginning programmers with the foundations of computer game programming using Microsoft?s DirectX 8.0 software. Computer science professor Ian Parberry details the construction of agame demo in sequential stages using DirectDraw, DirectSound, and the Windows API, including a detailed explanation of the program?s C++ code. The appendixes discuss changing resolution and color depth and adding multimedia in the form of AVI moviesand MIDI music. On the CD: Complete source code in PDF format Image and sound files and executables for Ned?s Turkey Farm, a game demo developed in the UNT Laboratory for Recreational Computing DirectX 8.0 SDK
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