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Intranets: Technical Issues and Business Applications

Автор: Debra Cameron
Год: [не указано]
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ISBN: 1566079764
The use of intranets for sharing information and enhancing business communications is growing rapidly. With its multiplatform support and any-to-any client/server (C/S) architecture, intranets provide a single interface to company information. CTR's report provides critical resources information systems (IS) managers need to justify costs and implement intranets for their organizations. Intranet Overview The growth of intranets is staggering. Companies that sell Web servers and browsers find 70%to 90% of their sales are now intranet-related versus Internet-related. What is driving corporations to implement intranets? In some cases, intranets are developing through the efforts of interested users. Intranets: Technical Issues and Business Applications examines the wide range of benefits intranets provide and the subsequent burgeoning intranet market, enabling the identification of trends in intranet growth. The report also provides valuable Internet and intranet...
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