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Interactive Computer Graphics: A Top-Down Approach with OpenGL (3rd Edition)

Автор: Edward Angel
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ISBN: 0201773430
This book teaches beginners how to create interesting computer graphics. It takes a top-down approach that starts readers creating interesting computer graphics from the start using OpenGL. Interactive Computer Graphics, 3/e features a top-down, programming-oriented approach to computer graphics. Capitalizing upon this top-down and hands-on approach, the text quickly gets readers writing interesting 3D graphics programs. Angel uses OpenGL, a graphics library supported by most workstations, as well as the C and C++ programming languages, allowing readers to be aware of what is happening at the lowest levels of computer-graphics programming. This revision includes extensive 2-color art and graphics to bring important concepts to life. This book is ideal for programmers looking for a hands-on introduction to computer-graphics programming that allows them to start writing 3D graphics programs early on.
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