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Integral Yoga: Sri Aurobindo's Teaching & Method of Practice

Автор: Aurobindo
Год: 1993
Издание: Lotus Press
Страниц: 416
ISBN: 0941524760
One of the foremost Indian philosophers of the twentieth century, Sri Aurobindowas also a political activist, a mystic and a spiritual leader. Between 1927and 1950, Sri Aurobindo remained in seclusion while perfecting a new kind ofspiritual practice he called the Integral Yoga. During this period he gavedetailed guidance to disciples and seekers, responding to thousands ofinquiries. This correspondence constitutes a major body of work on the practice of yoga-sadhana. The present volume brings together a comprehensive selectionof Sri Aurobindo's letters, organized by area of interest. An idealintroduction to his work and vision, it will also serve as an invaluable dailyhandbook for seekers of all paths - beginners and experienced practitionersalike. Glossary.
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