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Insight Guides: The Nile Step by Step

Автор: Frances Linzee Gordon
Год: 2012
Издание: Apa Publications Ltd
Страниц: 128
ISBN: 9789812823076
The Nile is a brand new title for the Insight Step by Step series. This itinerary-based guide details 12 of the best walks and tours of the Nile, written by a local expert, for that personal touch and insider information. All itineraries are arranged by theme for a truly tailor-made travel experience, so whether you want to explore Downtown Cairo, the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings in Luxor's West Bank, Aswan Town and islands, the magnificent monuments of Abu Simbel and much more, then there is a tour to suit all. From adventure-seekers to architecture aficionados, show-seekers to museum fanatics and food fiends to shopaholics - this guide covers the best of the Nile to make your trip truly unforgettable. For those wanting to enjoy the full travel experience, this is an ideal way to link the top attractions with places to eat, drink and rest along the way, along with opening times and admission prices. All itineraries are marked on full-colour detailed maps...
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