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Insight Guides: Bermuda

Автор: [автор не указан]
Год: 2008
Издание: Apa Publications Ltd
Страниц: 310
ISBN: 9789812587497
The most up-to-date guide available for this popular, year-round destination, featuring outstanding full-colour photography. From the breathtaking, underground views of the Crystal Caves, to trekking on horseback along the Railway Trail; this Insight Guide expertly explores it all. Clear colour-coded sections enable ease of use and provide well-researched explorations of major sights and attractions, such as, Devil's Hole; an ideal spot for viewing sharks and protected loggerhead turtles, the Maritime Museum; featuring fascinating displays of the famous Tucker Treasure, and Hamilton; Bermuda's capital, with it's colonial architecture and bustling streets. Places of interest are cross-referenced on full-colour maps throughout the guide, whilst additional maps can be found within the front and back covers, providing instant orientation and easy navigation. In-depth features on history give a rare insight into topics ranging from the Silk route and the journey from slavery to harmony on...
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