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Inside Book Publishing

Автор: Giles Clark and Angus Phillips
Год: 2008
Издание: Routledge
Страниц: 320
ISBN: 9780415441575
This expanded and thoroughly revised fourth edition of "Inside Book Publishing" is designed for students of publishing, authors needing to find out publishing secrets, and those wanting to get in or get on in the industry. It addresses the big issues - the globalization of publishing, the impact of the internet - and explains publishing from the author contract to the bookshop shelf. It covers: how the present industry has evolved, publishing functions - editorial, design and production, marketing, sales and distribution, and rights, the role of the author copyright and contracts, the sales channels for books in the UK, from the high street to ebooks, getting a job in publishing. It features: topic boxes written by expert contributors, a glossary of publishing terms, suggestions for further reading, a directory of publishing...
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