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In the Shadow of the Sword

Автор: Tom Holland
Год: 2012
Издание: Little Brown U.K.
Страниц: 560
ISBN: 9781408700082
In the sixth century AD, the Near East was divided between two great empires: Persia and Rome. A hundred years on, and one had vanished, while the other was a dismembered, bleeding trunk. In their place, a new superpower had arisen: the empire of the Arabs. But the changes that marked the period were more than merely political or even cultural: there was also a transformation of human society. Today, over half the world's population subscribes to one of the various religions that took form during the last centuries of antiquity. Wherever men or women are inspired by belief in a single god, they bear witness to the abiding impact of this extraordinary, convulsive age - yet as Tom Holland demonstrates, much of what Jews, Christians and Muslims believe about the origins of their religion is open to debate. Holland explores how a succession of great empires came to identify themselves with a new and revolutionary understanding of the divine. This is a tale of wars and...
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