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Improve Your American English Accent: Overcoming Major Obstacles to Understanding

Автор: Charlsie Childs
Год: 2003
Издание: McGraw-Hill
Страниц: [не указано]
ISBN: 9780071428095
Sound like a native English speaker in six easy lessons. Even though you know the vocabulary and the endless grammar rules, you still find it difficult to pronounce English words correctly. This struggle with your new language can make communicating with native English speakers a frustrating experience for both you and them. Now you can gain confidence in your English skills and speak like an American with this focused, nonintimidating program. "Improve Your American English Accent" is an easy and enjoyable way to learn and master the most challenging American English speech characteristics, such as: The most troublesome of sixteen American English vowel sounds; The duration of vowel sounds; Differences in stressed and unstressed syllables and words; How a sound is changed by the sounds that come before and after it; Stress in words and phrases and how it influences timing. The CDs present six 35-minute lessons, each one covering key...
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