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Implementing IBM(R) Rational(R) ClearQuest(R): An End-to-End Deployment Guide (Developerworks Series

Автор: Christian D. Buckley, Darren W. Pulsipher, Kendall Scott
Год: 2006
Издание: IBM Press
Страниц: 240
ISBN: 0321334868
Implementing IBM Rational ClearQuest brings together all you need to integrate ClearQuest into an overarching change-management system that works. Drawing on decades of experience, the authors present a detailed, easyto-use roadmap for each step of ClearQuest deployment, from evaluating business cases through planning, design, and implementation. You will find the industry's clearest, most useful explanations of ClearQuest technology here, along with real-world examples, best practices, diagrams, and actionable steps. This book will help you Thoroughly understand the strategic and tactical challenges of change management Implement ClearQuest effectively, whether you're in a small team or a global enterprise Model your existing system: actors, use cases, activity diagrams, workflow, and reporting Define classes, states, transitions, deployment diagrams, and system-level design Install, configure, and use the Eclipse™ ClearQuest plugin Use multisite...
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