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If You're So Brilliant...How Come Your Marketing Plans Aren's Working?: The Essential Guide to Marketing Planning (If You're So Brilliant)

Автор: Malcolm McDonald
Год: [не указано]
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ISBN: 074943726, 074943726X, 074943726X
With more than a quarter million copies sold world-wide of his acclaimed book Marketing Plans, Malcolm MacDonald is in a unique position to write this--his first--quick-fix guide for busy practitioners who need results now. He has pared down the detailed advice originally found in his 500-page tome to give readers a concise guide to the essentials of what makes a plan work. He sets a challenge for readers to test their own understanding with a series of exercises and looks at the problems of marketing planning, the common obstacles and advises on how to overcome them. This is a little book with big ambition--to help managers help themselves to deliver marketing plans that deliver results. Contents include: understanding marketing planning;how marketing planning fits with corporate planning; the marketing planning process and its output--the plan; defining markets and segments prior to planning and lots more.
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