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If You're So Brilliant ...How Come Your Brand Isn't Working Hard Enough?: The Essential Guide to Brand Management (If You're So Brilliant)

Автор: Peter Cheverton
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ISBN: 0749437286
This book is not for advertising and design professionals. It is for all those involved with building and defining their own brand, for those who know that brand management is crucial, but don?t know how to go about it. Good brand management is the route to getting the brand to work harder and to make its proper mark. Any brand, new or old, must be managed, nurtured, exploited and, when necessary, changed. Good brand and business managers must understand what a brand is, what it can do for them and how it supports the strategic goals of the business. Good brand managers must also direct and co-ordinate the wide and daunting variety of tasks and experts involved in making brand strategy happen. HOW COME YOUR BRAND ISN`T WORKING? tackles this challenge head on. Peppered with fascinating real-life examples (good and bad), and a brand health checklist, any manager will benefit from Cheverton?s pragmatic advice on positing, targeting and implementation.
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