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Icom IC M802 Starting from Scratch: Handbook for Starting the Dream (Volume 5)

Автор: Mr. T L Sparks CDR
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 216
ISBN: 1470160048
a??Icom IC M802 Starting from Scratcha?? is for cruisers who want to buy and install an HF SSB radio on their boat. This is a one stop shopping book that covers HF SSB basics, Ships Licensing, purchase the right parts, installation the parts right, configuration of radio, testing the system, and setting up your HF SSB email. This book also includes an enhanced versions of my procedures found in the popular "Icom IC M802 Made Simple for Cruisers". After finding so many poor installations on cruising boats, it was clear that the basics for new installations needed to be covered. Even many of the boats that have had a??professional installersa?? have had major issues. If you are planning to buy an HF SSB radio or just getting ready to install one, you will save time and money if you have read this book before installation. A check sheet is provided to make sure all the parts are available for installation. Another check sheet is included to guide you through an...
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