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Hussar Rocca - A French cavalry officer's experiences of the Napoleonic Wars and his views on the Peninsular Campaigns against the Spanish, British And Guerilla Armies

Автор: Albert Jean, Michel de Rocca
Год: 2006
Издание: Leonaur Ltd
Страниц: 180
ISBN: 184677084, 184677084X, 184677084X
Hussar Rocca. War to the death against the British and the Spanish guerrillas. Hussar Rocca gives an account of the Peninsular Campaign from an entirely different perspective. Albert Rocca was an officer of Napoleon's 2nd Regiment of Hussars. For him Spain was not just alien but totally hostile as well. Where British chroniclers of the Peninsula berate the qualities of the Spanish armies, Rocca knew that his life was constantly under threat from not only the enemy armies but also from a population who would kill an unwary or isolated Frenchman in a moment. This is a riveting account made more readable in this Leonaur edition by reworking a previously clumsy translation.
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