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Howl: A Graphic Novel

Автор: Allen Ginsberg
Год: 2012
Издание: Penguin Group
Страниц: 224
ISBN: 9780141195704
"I was also curious to see how Eric Drooker would interpret my work. And I thought that with today's lowered attention span TV consciousness, this would be a kind of updating of the presentation of my work... To me, the megalopolis landscapes are the most interesting - that gigantic skyscraper vision. He really captured that sense of Moloch I was going for in the second section of Howl - "Moloch whose buildings are judgment!" "I began collecting Drooker's posters soon after overcoming shock, seeing in contemporary images the same dangerous class conflict I'd remembered from childhood, pre-Hitler block print wordless novels... the solitary artist dwarfed by the canyons of a Wall Street megalopolis lay shadowed behind my own vision of Moloch... What 'shocked' me in Drooker's scratchboard prints was his graphic illustration of economic crisis similar to Weimar-American 1930s Depressions... Drooker illustrated the city's infrastructural stress, housing decay, homelessness,...
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