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How to Swim Faster: Run Cycle Swim

Автор: Julian Bradbrook
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 114
ISBN: 1480222682
How To Swim Faster will show you everything you always wanted to know about swimming Faster. Once you have learnt how to swim, the next stage is how to swim faster. I will reveal the valuable secrets you must know to achieve success. Swimming lessons will give you the basics. This book will go further than your swimming lessons and give you the winning advantage. Dive into this challenge and make the most of your effort. Don't miss your chance to discover the techniques used by professionals. Swim faster. Train better. Win more often. Achieve your goals. Topics covered in How To Swim Faster include: - What speeds you should be aiming for - Techniques for individual strokes - Overcoming drag - How to increase propulsion - A better catch and pull technique - What should you do with your recoving hand - How often should you include speedwork in your training - How to position yourself for a great dive - Outdoor swimming and open water swimming - AND SO MUCH MORE You've got an important...
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