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How to Fit a Heart Attack into Your Busy Schedule

Автор: Philip Jones
Год: 2004
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 152
ISBN: 193279400, 193279400X, 193279400X
Book DescriptionIs a major heart attack lurking in your future? Been too busy to think about it? This book is for you. Is someone you care about determinedly headed for a heart attack? This book is for them. And if you've already survived one heart attack, this book will help you figure out how to reduce the odds of having to repeat that unpleasant experience. You will find this an unusual book, delightfully humorous and upbeat especially when you consider it?s dealing with what is supposed to be a serious topic. If you?re really busy, you can digest this book in bite-sized pieces. But be warned?some readers have had difficulty putting it down before they finished the whole thing. As you read, you will frequentlyfind yourself laughing. Good for your heart. Philip doesn?t tell you what to do. No lectures. Instead, he tells stories and asks questions. In the process, he touches lightly on many aspects of life. Gets you thinking....
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