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How to Be an Amazing Mum When You Just Don't Have the Time

Автор: Tanith Carey
Год: 2009
Издание: Lion UK
Страниц: 192
ISBN: 0745953751
Whether at home full-time with the children or balancing the demands of home and workplace, all mothers could use more time in the day. Packed full of ingenious short-cuts, this guide contains lively, tried-and-tested advice, which every modern mother needs NOW to stay on top of her hectic life and ever-changing priorities. Discover how to head off mess before it happens—and how to choose toys which won't leave your home looking like a bombsite. Also learn the secrets to dressing your kids in clothes that will keep your laundry and ironing piles manageable, how to throw together a nutritious school lunchbox—in just one minute; ways to stay in shape and lose weight—even when the kids don't allow you time to exercise, and how to get your children to do what you ask the first time—not the 20th. Not another guide pressuring women to be the "perfect mom," this is instead a collection of practical ways to get the essential but mundane tasks done in much less time, giving you more time to...
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