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Автор: Bret Hart
Год: 2009
Издание: Grand Central Publishing
Страниц: 624
ISBN: 9780446545280
Born into a wrestling dynasty founded by his father, Bret Hart could have been an Olympic contender. But instead he turned to the family business and became one of the greatest champions in professional wrestling history. Achieving superstardom in pink tights, Hart won multiple wrestling belts for Stampede Wrestling and both the WWF (now the WWE) and WCW. Now, based on Hart's own audio diary, here is the candid, riveting book that recounts his wrestling life: the relentless travel, the practical jokes, the sex and drugs, and the real rivalries - as opposed to the staged ones. Widely considered the best technician and hardest worker of his generation, Hart is proud that he never seriously hurt a single opponent, yet did his utmost to give the fans an exciting, authentic experience. He reveals his infamous feud with Vince McMahon; the tragic death of his brother Owen in a stunt gone terribly wrong; his own massive stroke, most likely resulting from a concussion he received in the...
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