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History: The Definitive Visual Guide

Автор: Adam Hart-Davis
Год: 2010
Издание: Дорлинг Киндерсли
Страниц: 612
ISBN: 9781405359337
This is the definitive, 4.4 million year-old story of human history. From the origins of mankind to the 21st century, spanning the globe and based on the latest research, this is the complete story of the people, events, themes, ideas and forces that have shaped human existence. Find out about our history's turning points: eye witness accounts and biographies give a personal angle to major events. Explore humankind's legacy from architecture and artefacts to the big ideas that have changed our world. Examine the effect we've had on nature and vice versa. And discover how the past has been unlocked: from interpreting ancient documents to analysing ice cores. This is a compelling look at human existence: perfect for the family bookshelf.
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