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Higher Education in the Internet Age: Libraries Creating a Strategic Edge (ACE/Praeger Series on Higher Education)

Автор: Patricia Senn Breivik, E. Gordon Gee
Год: 2006
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 340
ISBN: 0275981940
Far too often, presidents, academic vice presidents, and other campus leaders fail to take advantage of the contributions their campus libraries can make toward achieving institutional visions and priorities. In this age of information, libraries can and should be one of the primary strategic tools. By highlighting the extensive and successful use some campus leaders have made of library resources and personnel, the authors hope to inspire others to see their libraries strategically. Based on their 1989 award-winning book in the ACE series, Information Literacy: Revolution in the Library, this new work from Breivik and Gee addresses the unique challenges of today's information-overloaded culture while responding to the significant changes that have occurred on campuses during the past fifteen years. Chief among these changes are the pervasive use of the Internet, growing community engagement, distance education, the emphasis on more active learning, and the assessment of student...
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