Прически. Уход за волосами

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High Styles : Stories from a World Class Hairdresser

Автор: Buddy Walton
Год: 2004
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 120
ISBN: 0595318754
Book Description"Buddy, you go to my head!" Abigail van Buren, of "Dear Abby" fame, wrote these words to Buddy Walton, 20th century hairdresser to the elite. She was only one of Mr. Buddy's many fans. Recipient of the World Gold Medallion, the industry's highest honor, he was a favorite of society ladies, stage and screen stars, and national and international political figures, such as the Bry, Waldheim, and Busch families of St. Louis; Martha Raye, outrageous Phyllis Diller, and Sophie Tucker, Last of the Red Hot Mamas; gracious Eleanor Roosevelt and genuine Queen Silvia of Sweden. As owner of seven successful salons, in St. Louis and in Florida, Mr. Buddy heard it all. Now he's telling tales--the enlightening and sometimes surprising stories of the rich and the famous that made his lifelong career entertaining as well as successful. "Get ready for a fascinating trip in the way-back machine! High Styles transports you to a bygone world of glitz and glamour, and...
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