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Haven: Cozy Hideaways and Dream Retreats

Автор: Allison Serrell
Год: 2005
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 176
ISBN: 0811844676
Book DescriptionHaven brings together unique homes in which the dream of retreat has been made a reality. Each of these twenty hideaways offers something for every taste?from a rustic barn to a desert oasis, from a modest tent cabin to an architecturally significant modern masterpiece. Throughout, the focus remains on communion with our natural surroundings and the peace it brings, on sanctuary from the noise and frantic pace of every day, on the sounds of nature and the gentle art of doing nothing.Each restful and rejuvenating interior illustrates how such relaxing spaces can be created in the home, with details such as an intricate stonework fireplace, a panoramic view through a wall of picture windows, or a tropical poolside cabana. Beautiful color photographs make Haven an escape unto itself?as well as a rich source of ideas and inspiration for making dreams of simplicity and retreat come true.
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