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Groupware, Workflow and Intranets : Reengineering the Enterprise with Collaborative Software

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ISBN: 1555581846
This comprehensive guide for system developers, IT managers and consultants focuses on how intranets, groupware and work flow technologies can be used to improve the efficiency of their organizations. The focus is on how to use these tools to support organization transformation through business process reengineering, continuous improvement or TQM programs. It gives practical guidelines for evaluating where these tools can be best used, selecting the right tool and managing the stages of process analysis,design and implementation. These stages are illustrated by a case study of typical company applications. This book goes beyond a description of the available groupware and workflow systems to explain how the development and deployment of these systems can be managed to make sure the potential is delivered. Background: Groupware started as simple messaging applications such as email and conferencing and has evolved into more complex task and document management. Groupware...
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