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Green Wheat: A Novel

Автор: Colette
Год: 2004
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 168
ISBN: 1932511016
Written in 1923, Green Wheat is set in a villa in Brittany and is a story of burgeoning sexuality. This edition does more than meet Rogow's mark "to do justice to Colette's enormous talent," it presents a great classic to the world once again. From the Translator's Preface: Of her more than twenty books, Green Wheat is perhaps Colette's most polished, most perfect. It was in Green Wheat that she achieved an exquisite blend of two of her greatest gifts as a fiction writer-her uncanny ability to fathom the hearts of adolescents, and her skill at describing nature with the phrasing of a poet and the colors and light of a great landscape painter. This combination helps make Green Wheat one of the enduring works of fiction of the last 100 years. . . . Ultimately, the book is a story about the loss of Eden, both of youth and of nature. . . . It is about the loss of a type of hope, a hope that many of us cling to, that love can somehow escape the...
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