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Goodbye Soldier

Автор: Spike Milligan
Год: 2012
Издание: Penguin Books Ltd.
Страниц: 280
ISBN: 9780241958148
"Му namer is Maria Antoinetta Fontana, but everyone call me Toni." "I'm Spike, sometimes known as stop thief or hey you." "Yeser, I know." The sixth volume of Spike Milligan's off-the-wall account of his part in the Second World War sees our hero doing very little soldiering. Because it's 1946. Rather, he is now part of the Bill Hall Trio - a 'Combined Services Entertainment', inflicted on unsuspecting soldiers across Italy and Austria - and is largely preoccupied with the unbearably beautiful ballerina Ms Toni Fontana ('Arghhhhhhhhh!). But he must enjoy it while he can, before he is demobbed and sent home to Catford - and he does...
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