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Global Governance and the Quest for Justice - Volume III

Автор: Peter Odel, Chris Willett
Год: 2008
Издание: Hart Publishing
Страниц: 169
ISBN: 9781841134079
This is an up-to-date account on how civil society is effected and influenced by globalisation. It is an insightful set of essays that will be of interest to those involved with human rights and international law. This is the latest book from our successful mini-series "Global Governance and the Quest for Justice".This book focuses on themes of citizen organisation and empowerment set in the context of globalising legal processes.The first part considers the implications of the improved opportunities for communication that are associated with globalisation. What are the legal and political consequences of these apparently empowering technological advances? Do they allow for groups to find new forms of association and organisation? The second part focusses on issues relating to access to justice (as a mode of empowerment) and its impact on the functioning of civil society. For instance, is forum shopping the answer for individuals who find that their national governments are unable or...
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