Отечественная экономика

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Fuel and Energy Complex and Economy of Russia

Автор: [автор не указан]
Год: 2012
Издание: Energy Publising Centre
Страниц: 464
ISBN: 9785905696015
This publication contains a comprehensive analysis of the situation in the energy industry of post-Soviet Russiastarting from 1990, as well as the forecast of its strategic development for 2011-2030. It is for the first time that such a retrospective (for 20 years in the past) and forward-looking (for 20 years in the future) analysis of the energy sector interconnected with macroeconomic processes is published in Russia. Such an analysis makes it possible to reveal more deeply objective and subjective trends of the Russian fuel and energy complex development. The energy industry is considered in the context of macroeconomic and political processes in Russia, as well as in comparison with energy trends in the world markets during the same periods. It should be emphasised that authors do take a detached view of these processes, but act as active participants of the fuel and energy complex reforming in the past and strategic foresight of its development in...
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