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From Harleyville to Beulah Land: The Story of George Ashbury Harley and Lydia Elizabeth Williamson of North, SC and Their Ancestors, Descendants, and Stories

Автор: June M. Gardner
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 318
ISBN: 1462711839
Author June Gardner wondered to whom she owed her Christian heritage. Did her good fortune come to her because of the faith of her fathers? Could she find evidence that her ancestors were Christians who passed their faith and teachings on to their children? Through research into her family, she found tombstone epitaphs, obituaries, and other old records assuring Gardner that most of her ancestors were Christians. This is their story. From Harleyville to Beulah Land is both a genealogy reference as well as a captivating narrative revealing interesting details about ancestors and descendants. During the tracing of her roots, Gardner realized her family story is one of great contrasts. While her paternal great-great-grandfather was said to have been a scoundrel, Gardner’s maternal second great-grandfather, was a fine, churchgoing family man. Dark secrets and tragedies are soon revealed. Contained in this volume are over one hundred photographs and maps, twenty-three charts, and six...
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