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Freelancing in Paradise:The Story of Two American Reporters Who Supported Their Family by Covering Turbulent Times in the Caribbean, 1958-1963

Автор: John Hlavacek, Pegge Hlavacek
Год: 2009
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 350
ISBN: 0981903479
What's it like to cover news events and interview famous people while living in one of the world's most appealing vacation spots? John and Pegge Hlavacek describe a lifestyle that most freelance writers can only dream of. After living and working in India during the first five years of their marriage (1952-1957), John and Pegge Hlavacek moved their five children and Indian nanny to New York when John accepted a one-year fellowship from the Council on Foreign Relations. When the fellowship ended, the Hlavaceks moved to Jamaica where John and Pegge supported the family by providing freelance news writing and photography services to print, radio, and TV news outlets. The Hlavaceks covered news events during a turbulent period in Latin American history and interviewed politicians and other celebrities who visited Jamaica. In December 1961 the family moved to Florida when John accepted a position as staff correspondent for NBC in Havana. Freelancing in Paradise is the fifth book in a...
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