Первая мировая война (1914-1918)

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Forgotten Voices of the Somme

Автор: Joshua Levine
Год: 2009
Издание: Ebury Press
Страниц: 304
ISBN: 9780091926281
It is 1916, the Somme. With over a million casualties, it was the most brutal battle of the First World War. It is a clash that even now, over 90 years later, remains seared into historical consciousness, conjuring up images of muddy trenches and young lives tragically wasted. Its first day, July 1st 1916 - on which the British suffered 57470 casualties, including 19240 dead - is the bloodiest day in the history of the British armed forces to date. On the German side, an officer famously described it as "the muddy grave of the German field army". By the end of the battle, the British had learned many lessons in modern warfare while the Germans had suffered irreplaceable losses, ultimately laying the foundations for the Allies' final victory on the Western Front. Drawing on a wealth of material from the vast Imperial War Museum Sound Archive, "Forgotten Voices of the Somme" presents an intimate, poignant, sometimes even bleakly funny insight into life on the front line: from the...
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