Кадровый менеджмент. Планирование, подбор и развитие персонала

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Fish! Sticks: A Remarkable Way to Adapt to Changing Times and Keep Your Work Fresh

Автор: Stephen C. Lundin, John Christensen, Harry Paul
Год: 2003
Издание: Hyperion
Страниц: 144
ISBN: 0786868163
"It doesn't matter if you are an individual contributor who wants to hang on to a better work life or a CEO who wants to maintain a new high level of productivity: Sustaining change is the true test of leadership. Holding on to a culture of innovation, maintaining a higher quality of work life, constantly renewing an important customer service program, or retaining a more participative management style require the use of an unique set of principles that are different than those used simply to initiate a change... External energy is often what it takes to catch our attention in a busy world. But external energy cannot sustain a change. That takes a different source of energy: natural energy." - from the Introduction to FISH! Sticks With more than two million copies in print worldwide, FISH! and FISH! Tales have been fixtures on the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Business Week, New York Times Business , and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists. The FISH!...
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