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First Aid Manual

Автор: U.S. Army
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 234
ISBN: 1475008422
U.S. Army needed 400 years of experience to write these 230 pages. There cannot be a better first aid manual. CHAPTER 1. FUNDAMENTAL CRITERIA FOR FIRST AID General Terminology Understanding Vital Body Functions for First Aid Adverse Conditions Basics of First Aid Evaluating a Casualty CHAPTER 2. BASIC MEASURES FOR FIRST AID General Section I.Open the Airway and Restore Breathing Breathing Process Assessment of and Positioning the Casualty Opening the Airway of an Unconscious or not Breathing Casualty Rescue Breathing (Artificial Respiration) Preliminary Stepsa??All Rescue Breathing Methods Mouth-to-Mouth Method Mouth-to-Nose Method Heartbeat Airway Obstructions Opening the Obstructed Airwaya??Conscious Casualty Opening the Obstructed Airwaya??Casualty Lying Down or Unconscious Section II. Stop the Bleeding and Protect the Wound General Clothing Entrance and Exit Wounds Field Dressing Manual Pressure Pressure Dressing Digital Pressure ...
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