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Автор: Justine Vaisutis, Mark Dapin
Год: 2006
Издание: Lonely Planet Publications
Страниц: 292
ISBN: 1741042887
Lonely Planet's guide to Fiji covers all aspects of this most-popular of Pacific Island travel destinations. Bula and welcome to the diverse islands of Fiji! There are white-sandy islands here perfect for a relaxing beachside holiday, or little-visited islets and rugged hinterlands for the more adventurous. Wherever you're based, coral gardens teeming with life are only a short paddle away. CHOOSE YOUR ISLAND - large or tiny, party or romantic, exclusive or family-friendly... there's an island in Fiji for you. GO NATIVE OR DO IT IN STYLE - our authors tell it like it is with frank, opinionated reviews of backpacker digs, homestays, luxury resorts and everything in between IMMERSE YOURSELF - with a detailed special section on diving in Fiji DIG THE LOCALS - we reveal the inside scoop on history, culture, and how to fit right in
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