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Federal Applications That Get Results: From SF 171s to Federal-Style Resumes

Автор: Russ Smith
Год: [не указано]
Издание: Impact Publications
Страниц: 256
ISBN: 157023034, 157023034X, 157023034X
No doubt about it. The key to getting a federal job is how well applicants write a job-winning application. But times have changed and so have applications federal agencies will accept for employment. As the federal government continues to decentralize hiring to the Agency level, it also has adapted hiring methods similar to those used in the private sector. While only a few months ago most agencies required applicants to complete the Standard Form 171 (SF171), today agencies accept two other application forms-OF 612 and federal-style resumes. If you want to get a federal job, you must understand how to put these unique applications together with maximum impact. Here's the perfect guide to understanding the federal hiring process as well as the key application forms now accepted by various federal agencies. Six chapters and eleven appendices outline: What federal employers look for on the SF 171, OF 612, and federal-style resumes. Major writing...
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