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Fashion Design Drawing Course

Автор: Caroline Tatham, Wynn Armstrong, Jemi Armstrong
Год: 2011
Издание: Barron's Educational Series
Страниц: 160
ISBN: 9780764147302
Now available in a brand-new edition, this popular and widely praised instructional textbook has become a standard for classroom use in fashion design courses. Twenty-four step-by-step exercises tutor students in methods for finding inspiration, developing techniques to sharpen their observational skills, and in creating fashion drawings in color and black-and-white media. Separate sections coach students in getting started, and on understanding figure proportions, planning and designing garments, and creating and assessing flat specification drawings. New in this expanded and updated edition is a section that provides detailed instruction in digital art techniques. This beautifully illustrated guide is organized into units that reflect curricula at leading international design colleges. Added features include a designer's glossary and an index. The book's more than 300 color illustrations are as instructive as they are handsome.
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