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False Memories: Adventures of the Living Dali : the Surreal Biography of Anton Brzezinski

Автор: Gabrielle Mallarme
Год: 2005
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 228
ISBN: 0595670628
Book DescriptionPraise for False Memories : ?It was rich. Like eating a large slice of cheese cake with blueberry topping. I finished reading it today?did what it was suppose to do?kept my interest, created a deeper mystery surrounding the artist, brought up controversy, cleared a few questions, and much, much more. This will be a book, not just for collectors, but for anyone wanting to know a little about the psyche of a painter. Brilliant!? ?Lynn Vermillion False memories is a psychologist?s term for memories cleverly and conveniently created by the subconscious mind. Since the theory of reincarnation is not widely accepted, we tend to explain away memories of previous lives as false memories. Contemporary American painter Anton Brzezinski would be the first to agree that his own memories of previous lives are productions of his prodigious imagination?but Brzezinski?s memories of his...
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