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Excel 2003 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide

Автор: Maria Langer
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ISBN: 0321200381
You may not notice it immediately—since the newly revised Excel doesn't look much different than its predecessor—but the addition of XML support means there's a whole lot that's new under the hood of the world's most popular spreadsheet program. To tap its power quickly, you need this Visual QuickStart Guide . In these pages, veteran author Maria Langer provides step-by-step instructions for the full gamut of Excel tasks: from worksheet basics like editing, using functions, formatting cells, and adding graphics objects, to more advanced topics like creating charts, working with databases, and Web publishing. She also explains how to save an Excel document in XML and open an XML document in Excel. As with all Visual QuickStart Guides, clear, concise instructions and lots of visual aids make learning easy and painless.
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